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Are you a genius?

This is a book that will unwrap the genius in you. Each chapter has been carefully written to uncover power of your true gifting and identify the unique niche of your signature.

By working through this book, chapter for chapter, you would have developed your dream idea into a professional business plan with the market potential of making millions of dollars for you!

  • Develop an unstoppable you.
  • You and your ideas will be empowered.
  • Passion will excel your success.
  • Your brain cells will be mobilised.
  • The planner inside of you will be focused.
  • Confidence will encourage the strategist you are.
  • Pitfalls and solutions will be highlight from the 1st chapter.
  • Reliable forecasting will be reached in your financial planning.

Mariette Kussmaul has prepared and designed each chapter to be rewarding to you. By keeping your own journal, in the book, you’ll unwrap your full potential, with quickened wisdom and problem solving techniques never thought of before AND the cherry on the top, you did it all by yourself!

You can leave a legacy for generations to become and be. YOU ARE A GENIUS. 

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