Kingdom Calls

Wings of Business Kingdom Calls

Dr. Mariette Kussmaul and Dr. Bacer Baker

The Kingdom of God is spreading through prosperity--you shall lend unto nations and not borrow. The wealth transfer is changing hands, from the people of the world to God's chosen generations. The hungry are fed, the abandoned are embraced and the policies and laws of this world are influenced by the righteousness of God....


Wings of Business Kingdom Calls is an intimate coaching time with Dr. Mariette Kussmaul and her special guests. Specifically designed to build relationships where there is freedom in expression to develop the culture of the Kingdom Mindset. Equipping you as a leader, as a business owner, therefore positioning yourself as a Kingdom citizen reaping the favor of royalty!

In this unique setting you will be challenged with cutting edge marketplace information and prophetic insight on Kingdom Principals.

Kingdom Calls is a monthly conference call which incorporates a question and answer session, addressing some form of homework, challenging you to grow personally and in your business.

The monthly fee to join Wings of Business Kingdom Calls is $50.00 USD.

• Developing a Powerful Kingdom Mindset
• Understanding Biblical Kingdom Principles
• Growth as a Leader in Kingdom Wisdom
• Expansion in Business -- Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge

You will receive a monthly email from Dr. Mariette Kussmaul with conference call details including date, time, and access code. Dr. Mariette will share her personal Bible study revelations pertaining to the subject matter of Kingdom Calls. After the call you will receive an email with the highlighted points discussed which could assist in your assignment. We encourage you to register now as space is limited.

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Characteristics of a Millionaire mindset:

  • Millionaires become entrepreneurs because they know its riskier to rely on someone else for their livelihood.
  • They don't let critics deter them; they have a lot of talent for channeling criticism into motivation.
  • They love making money to give it away not to hoard for themselves.
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