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Andre Roebert - CEO River Group

"Mariette's honesty and intergrity shows in all the work she accomplishes and shines through her personal life. Mariette is a strong teacher and has the ability to energize others as they study or work with her. She is self motivated and gifted with the ability to motivate others around her."

Jean Borsberry - Director/Founder Grace Awakening Ministry

"I have always found her to be of impeccable Godly character and most excellent in her work and profession. Mariette is a dependable, loyal and diligent person, always ready to go the second mile to get the job done and willing to be a helping hand to others who need it."

Joy Thomson - On Track Life Coaching

"Mariette’s skills extend to facilitating workshops and training at a high level of proficiency and she is able to create excellent levels of motivation and ownership within a team. Additionally Mariette is self-motivated to work on her own when required."

Dr. Philip Smethurst - President/Founder Overland Missions

"Mariette has a sparkle in her eye that few people have, she is a born entrepreneur. God always creates great things out of potential. She also has the ability to see potential in others guiding them to work their gifting. This is what makes here a great mentor to others."

Ps Carlos

"Thanks Marriatte, I started reading your book last night and you really touched me right in the first two chapters. You really have a winner in that book."

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