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It is amazing what circumstances can do for a person when those situations burst suddenly into your life. Many people get despondent and simply succumb under the situation. While with others, the circumstances trigger hidden potential within them to survive, and to conquer the problems of life; this is the mind-set of a billionaire.

When my innovative Dad was still a young boy, he would go to the farm next door take the farmer’s eggs and sell them to contribute to the family’s survival. Was it right, no! Was it required for the family to survive, yes; so his young mind thought. This only lasted for a very short while. For when my Grandfather followed him one morning, “the egg salesman was out of work” and things were made right. It was these situations that forced the potential of hard work and development of courage to handle the challenges of life that were fostered early in my Father’s life.


I attended the University of Life as I travelled with my Father across many countries of Africa, attended boarding school in South Africa, and accompanied him on business trips and holidays. I learned to speak three languages: English, Afrikaans, and Zulu; and later, as an adult, travelled around the world. I highly recommend the University of Life. As you study the people around you, and around the world, you gain tremendous perspective and insight into global business. You continuously hear the names of those countries’ billionaires and take note of who and what they are.

I have always had the tenacity within myself to solve my own problems. We lived in northern Zambia when I was four and a half years old and one day my parents did not pick me up from preschool. So, I decided to walk home. The problem to this was that we were living on the dangerous border of Belgium Congo. Dad was drilling for diamonds in the deep bush and the school was in a small town in Zambia. God had his hand upon my life even then, the police found me and after several hours, my parents arrived to fetch me and take me home. You must understand Zambia was a very wild place with large numbers of lions and leopards. Not a gentle stroll in the park for a little girl about to walk home alone. The Lord had better plans for my life.

As I have grown, I look back on my childhood as simpler times and hard times, and I realize that pressure produces diamonds. Later on, I would have many businesses; one of which was a publishing company in South Africa. Here, I published a golf magazine for a South African named Ernie Else. (You may have heard of him.) I played many of the golf courses in South Africa with Ernie. An amazing entrepreneur himself, Ernie played and designed golf courses throughout the world.All things are possible if you believe and THINK LIKE A BILLIONAIRE.

Thinking like a billionaire is just a habit which can be developed. How do you think billionaires became billionaires? They set goals and then worked with great passion and conviction towards achieving them.

So there really is no difference between you and a billionaire except your mindset.

A billion dollar mindset is based upon the personal conviction that you determine your own destiny. What most people do not realize is that their experience (the unwrapped genius in them) is a reflection of their consciousness. The point is that you can train and develop a habit; it’s the process of success or failure, to recognize opportunities or see difficulties, to know what you want and to go for it.

Your habits are the main contributing factors to becoming a billionaire OR not!

When Donald Trump was in over $900 million debt, a reporter asked him this question; “What happened Mr. Trump?” And unlike most people who fail and blame the economy, or say something like it was the real estate bubble that burst (even though that was the fact in Donald Trump’s case). Mr. Trump admittedly said, “I took my eye off the ball. I stopped doing business the way I used to. So I got my eye back on the ball.” And he immediately propelled himself right back into a prosperous position. He did it by assuming complete responsibility for his results, then focused on changing the bad habit that had crept in, and transformed his belief about himself to achieve the outrageous results he today enjoys.

One of the biggest keys to thinking big, thinking like a billionaire, is to unwrap the genius in you. And to understand that you are the cause of your life, not the effect of it. Here is a good example of exactly what I mean; I found this interesting analogy on the internet. When Donald Trump walks down a street in New York City and looks at a building, he sees a potential investment.

The vendor serving coffee on the street corner looks at the same building and sees only the corner where he can set up his kiosk. Here is entrepreneurship at its best; they are both businessmen, the only difference is, one is thinking in terms of a multi million dollar investment from which thousands of tenants who will pay him residual income over the next decade or more. The other one is thinking in terms of how much the passer-by may pay, but who will get the bigger results? It must be the one who expanded his thinking to include greater possibilities.

Don’t get me wrong, both are winning ideas, both situations will generate a healthy cash flow; but, Donald Trump exercises his thought process through the unwrapped genius in him, the billionaire’s way of thinking! But most people do not think that way and are walking around in a trance of disempowerment, talking what they get, rather than what their heart truly desires.

Let’s take a good look at some empowering qualities of a billionaire:

  1. Billionaires start small: They desire to be exceptional so they started small and kept at it. Most billionaires started from humble beginnings and did not emerge as overnight billionaires. Sir, Richard Branson started out by publishing a monthly university magazine. Bill Gates success comes from his garage and Dr. Andre Robert became a success story by cleaning bathrooms in a church.
  2. They think big: They see the end from the beginning as they unwrap the the genius in them. They refuse to allow their creative imagination to be hindered by race, age, background, or fear. Their big dream becomes their focus and they work towards that dream and making it a reality. Warren Buffett said; “I knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.” Billionaires think big and develop thehabit of big thinking and nothing will convince them otherwise.
  3. They are competitive: They will become brutal and fight back if challenged. Most billionaires are competitive and thrive in a competitive environment. They believe that competition brings the best out in them: the unwrapped genius in them.
  4. They are focused and driven by passion: Take a look at billionaires and you will observe they ‘re focused in their dealings. They don’t try to do many things at once; they focus on one. Bill Gates focused on software and Michael Dell focused on computers.
  5. Billionaires are goal getters: They spend time to set goals that are high and challenging yet realistic and attainable. They do not renege on them until achieved. They believe they must have a goal, and a purpose in their lives. If you do not have a goal how can you measure your achievements and success? Take up the challenge and think about that!
  6. They thrive on criticism: Billionaires do not get absorbed by criticism but instead get inspired by it. They welcome criticism as they see it as feedback to improve themselves. It may even thrill them as it enhances their signature.
  7. They have strong self-imposed standards and believe in themselves: Billionaires take charge of their destiny and do not leave it to fate. Fate by no means is faith as faith in itself is believing to achieve the end from the beginning. Billionaires are strong-willed individuals with tough self-imposed standards.They do not compromise their standards as they know they can achieve.
  8. They have sheer persistence and total commitment: They believe when the going gets tough; the tough get going. They press on even in the face of hardship. In actual fact, in times of hardship, they get even tougher. Despite acquiring tremendous wealth, billionaires remain committed to their call and are not afraid even to make a 180 degree turn, refocus, and achieve what they intended.
  9. They learn quickly from mistakes and thrive on pressure: To billionaires, mistakes are lessons learned and are areas of adjustment. They are human and their mistakes can also lead to failure; but they do not bow their head in defeat. Instead they get inspired by their failure and use their failure as a stepping stone to success. Billionaires thrive on tension and uncertainty. When Bill Gates dropped out of school; he had no guarantees and look what he has achieved and the successes he has had. Their minds immediately drift from chaos into saving the project and press through with confidence and a knowing of victory.
  10. They have a high level of self-confidence: and take carefully, calculated, moderate risks. Billionaires very seldom make decisions on impulse. They research the facts and weigh up the return on investment. These facts will determine the level of risk they are prepared to take.
  11. They are opportunists and use money as a score: They are problem solvers looking out for opportunities to solve a problem and save the day. Billionaires move in when other people and moving out as they see opportunities before others. They will always attempt to turn problems into value and believe they can create value out of nothing. This is an amazing statement-- Billionaires are driven by passion and not money. They use money acquired from their businesses to move onto other business challenges. Billionaires use money as a means to keep score and are therefore not driven by the quest to make money. You must know you are a billionaire with a mindset like that!
  12. They manage debt to their advantage: Debt is a double edge sword that can make or break one. Billionaires have mastered the art of debt leveraging. While others stay away from debt; billionaires, use debt as a financial leverage to get richer. This is an art worth observing and cultivating.

“Financial leverage is the advantage the rich have over the poor and middle class.” Rich Dad.

If you are currently not getting the results you want in any area of your life or business, start by taking responsibility for your results. Expand what you believe is possible and be on the cause side of success not on the because!

Richard Branson, it is said, is born with unique talents, like a great golfer, or talented author. But Branson, along with many billionaires, have a record of mistakes and inaccurate risk calculations. However, they have an extraordinary uniqueness inbred in them, and that is, quitting is not an option.

It’s all about how quickly they recover from the mistakes made!

Billionaires are driven by opportunities and taking calculated risks. They are completely aware of their emotions, acknowledge them for what they are. With knowledge, understanding, and wisdom they calculate the risks with caution. They carefully analyze the situation knowing their own abilities and limitations. They know they are taking a risk and work hard to open new doors and eliminate short term thinking and limitations but rather keep the long term goals in front of them.

Should they err, they don’t weep over what might have been.

Gamblers, on the other hand jump into action. Rather than paying attention to overruling emotions, they often risk more than they could afford to lose. Then the ‘snowball effect’ occurs as they take increasingly bigger gambles in the hope of covering up losses. A valuable statement to remember is, as the billionaires say; “Do not take risks on something you cannot control and fully understand.”


We all have the same ability to break through the outer and inner barriers that sabotage our success, and process of thinking as a billionaire.

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