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My Father was a genius and I like to think he was my genius. Dad was always dealing with mechanical things in whatever business he started. I only thought of that recently, Diamond drilling machines, auto dealerships, aircraft dealerships, auto body shops, car racing circuit in Africa, the Presidents Aircraft Race across a course in South Africa.

Dad never used a calculator when doing any of the intricate things he accomplished in his busy days. He would invent machines to build auto pistons for his race cars, tally the daily receipts and do a multitude of other things and always calculate in his head without fail.


I could always tell when Dad had seen something in his minds eye as he had a certain look abut him when this happened with a new idea. I could almost hear his mind turning as he was structuring the business or assembling the new machine in his mind. It was in one of these moments he knew he had to train and develop me for greater things in my life

Dad was a perfect fit in the world of business it was where his greatest gifting lay and he fed it and expanded always reaching out for the next challenge. When all he had created in Zambia was taken by the government he went to South Africa and recreated a new world of business.

At that tender age of 12 Dad began to develop my gifting and guided me into his world of entrepreneurship. These were exciting years for me as Dad began to assemble me as if he were inventing one of his many inventions, a mixture of fun and hard work. I can never thank him enough.

As I experienced life in the business world I made a decision to bring tremendous focus into my life and I started preparing and training for running ultra marathons. I had to discipline myself and found that through the disciplined lifestyle I not only developed endurance but within myself developed tremendous focus for whatever I set my mind upon to accomplish.

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