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My Father was excellent example to me showing passion and commitment in everything he endeavoured even though he was handicapped physically and scholastically. When Dad was 15 years old he had to quit school and became a diamond driller in South Africa to support the family, and at 19 years of age he lost one of his eyes in an accident. Despite these two things Dad was unstoppable in anything he put his hand to do.

It was this spirit of determination and tenacity to see each job through to completion that led him into the world of business and he was very successful in whatever he started. It was this atmosphere that I was born into and was captivated by. Dad was the Piper aircraft distributer for central Africa along with the farm and fuel station and auto dealerships and the auto repair shops.


This was the time of Zambia’s Nationalisation and the government was restricting many businesses and simply taking many other larger operations such as copper mines and electric companies. This was a time internal trouble and all the tribes were involved as they fought for control. Dad knew the families days in Zambia were numbered and began to plan for our ultimate departure.

We children were sent to South Africa to a boarding school and only had about 6 weeks at home each year with our parents and relatives. At the age of 12 I started spending my school holidays working for my Dad where I did book work, and designed a check list for the cars repaired prior to their released to the customers. I had found my niche in life and would continue to develop this area of my life.

I travelled with Dad across Africa in his aircraft expanding his businesses in other countries. I was gaining so much wisdom and knowledge watching him in action with other business people. He was very skilled in his negotiating with others during business proceedings and I learned much as I watched the transactions. My Father always attracted people no matter where he was, during his work day or after hours and on the weekend at the auto races where drove his special race car.

Dad was known as Mr. Goldfinger as practically everything he touched turned to gold.

Where do I get my business knowledge and passion from, that’s right my Father who succeeded in every endeavour of life!

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